Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, or more commonly and affectionately called Shelties make for excellent family dogs. While they can be quick to back at strangers, they do it as a protective measure rooted in loyalty and watchfulness.

A superb hunting dog, these dogs were originally bred to flush birds and hunt wild board. On the homefront, their loyalty and friendliness can fall victim to their impatient side. This makes Shibas a tough choice for families with small children, as they would need to be supervised.

This low maintenance toy companion is prone to barking. Their personalities are warm and outgoing. They are perfectly comfortable spending most of their time lounging around or cuddle up on the lap of their owner.

Hailing from Australia, Silky Terriers are a hypoallergenic breed that is content in smaller spaces like an apartment or condo. It gets its name from its long shiny coat.

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Make sure to have a place where this pup can expend its energy. Its sleek and athletic build has all the makings of a terrier breed. These high-spirited, smart pups are wonderful with kids and families.

In the Spitz family, the Swedish Vallhund has rumors of its tenure with the Vikings. For centuries, this breed with a low center of gravity and a thick, athletic build has been herding the farms of Sweden. 

While relatively rare, the Tibetan Spaniel makes for a great family companion dog. Their reserve and guarded nature has them watchful and vigilant. To those they befriend, they are happy and playful.

As the ‘Holy Dog of Tibet’, the Tibetan Terrier has a longstanding duty of watching over the Buddist monasteries high up in the isolated regions of the Himalayas. Their smart and pleasant personalities make them very family oriented.

If you took a terrier and made it smaller, you would have the Toy Fox Terrier. Loaded with all the high energy and athleticism of a terrier, they also have a fun playful side when home. Their size and demeanor make them great for smaller spaces or those on the move.

An excellent family dog, these terriers come from Wales. Prevalently used in hunting and sporting, they nonetheless have a softer side when at home. Highly intelligent and fun, their playful nature will have them a centerpiece in the family.

Also known as a Westie, these terriers are independent and smart dogs who from time-to-time can exhibit some stubbornness. Small and sturdy, these pups make fore great family pets.

Also known as a “Yorkie”, these dogs were originally a blue-collar breed. Anything from being a rattler in the mines to clothing mills in the town, these dogs have adjusted their priorities over the years. They have a more laidback lifestyle today.

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