How To Clean A Hydro Flask

How to clean a hydro flask

Hydro Flasks are some of the newest and most stylish water bottles on the market today. Built out of stainless steel, they help keep liquids hot or cold for up to 24 hours! They are also virtually indestructible which makes them a perfect choice for active lifestyles as well as students. 

Hydro Flasks are top-tier when it comes to keeping your drinks hot or cold, but they can get messy if you don’t know how to clean them. When a Hydro Flask is dirty, it’s hard to tell that it’s clean and it sure won’t retain its insulating properties. I mean, it’s the reason why we buy these flasks in the first place! There are several ways to properly clean a Hydro Flask, which are pretty much the same as cleaning any other sturdy water bottle. But a lot of people don’t know the tricks of the trade in order to keep these nifty bottles squeaky clean. Hydro Flasks are made out of stainless steel, which can be highly durable, but it’s also prone to rust if not properly maintained. 

How to clean a hydro flask

What is a Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask is a water bottle brand that is made of a double vacuum sealed insulation technology to maintain efficient temperature. It can keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 6 hours. It is an 18/8 stainless steel material and matte finishes on the outside of the bottle.

Why should you clean a Hydro Flask

There are different ways to clean your Hydro Flask, but you first need to understand why you need to clean it. If you want nothing but top quality drinks out of your bottle and keeping your mouth healthy, then giving your bottle a good weekly wash is necessary.


  • Minimizing odor is a great reason why you should be cleaning your Hydro Flask. If you are using your water bottle a lot you may realize it starts to get a strange smell from all the drinks. This is why washing your Hydro Flask weekly will ensure there is no odor. 


  • Drinking out of your water bottle creates a constant exposure to saliva making your Hydro Flask prone to bacteria. Also if you are one of those people that brings your water bottle everywhere with you, then it is also being exposed to countless germs. This is why a weekly wash can help keep your water bottle clean but also you from getting sick!  


  • Discoloration is almost inevitable if you are putting different liquids in your water bottle such as coffee or juice. If you’re not cleaning your water bottle weekly these stains from different colored liquids will be much harder to remove stains in the long run.

How to clean a Hydro Flask 

There are many ways you can clean your Hydro Flask, but you can start by using household items like vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. Start by pouring the vinegar inside the bottle, and swish it around to cover the entire interior. You can leave it to sit for five minutes before rinsing it out. Repeat this process until all discoloration and stains disappear. If you don’t have vinegar or want to use a different method we suggest using lemon juice. Just fill your Hydro Flask with warm water and squeeze half a lemon into the water. Then let it sit for about 30 minutes and rinse it clean. 

For tougher stains in or on your Hydro Flask you will want to use baking soda as your cleaning agent. You will only need 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda to mix with warm water. You are going to want to create a paste so add a little bit of water at a time. Once you’ve created this baking soda paste, take your brush or sponge and dip it in. Scrub the inside and outside until all the stains are removed and then rinse with warm water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to ensure there is no residue left from the cleaning paste. 

Besides the bottle and cap themselves, the straw is also an important part to make sure you are cleaning. The best way to make sure you fully clean your straw is buying a straw brush so you can get all the way inside. If that’s not possible the typical warm water and soap down the straw should do the trick! If you are using just water in your Hydro Flask then this process does not need to be done as often.  However if you are drinking things with lots of sugars out of your straw then you should be washing it after every use. 

How to clean a hydro flask

Dry rice and water method

If you still find yourself with hard to get stains, this cleaning method is the quickest and easiest way to remove the stains. Pour enough dry rice to cover the bottom of your Hydro Flask. Then add either a small amount of water or vinegar on top of the rice. Next add a few drops of soap or detergent. Finally you are going to put the lid on and shake your Hydro Flask very hard for about 1-2 minutes. The rice is going to act as an abrasive cleaner getting rid of any stains that are inside.  We recommend soaking the bottle with water or vinegar for 30 minutes first before adding the rice to ensure you get rid of those tough stains. 

Using magic eraser to clean 

Another way to clean the inside and outside of your Hydro Flask is using a magic eraser. Using a magic eraser is a great way to get a clean polish on your bottle. You may be inclined to use something like a steel wool pad but we do not recommend this. Using steel wool can cause tiny fragments to be left in your bottle making it unsafe to drink. Meanwhile if using the magic eraser method be careful not to scrub the outside too hard as it could cause the paint to come off. 


How to clean rust off your Hydro Flask 

Is your Hydro Flask rusting? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. It most likely happens if you live in a place where the water you use is hard. Hard water contains more minerals than the water in some newer homes. To clean off the rust we recommend pouring coca cola into your bottle and then shaking it up. We know it sounds weird but trust us! If you don’t have coca cola on hand here is another method to clean rust off your hydro flask. Mix together baking soda and vinegar and spot treat the rust spots for 5-10 minutes. Use a soft bristle brush or sponge to scrub off the rust. 

How to not clean a hydro flask 

You might think that you can put your Hydro Flask in the dishwasher and let the dishwasher do your dirty work for you. While it sounds counterintuitive, never wash your Hydro Flask in the dishwasher! Appliances like this can potentially harm the Hydro Flask’s double-walled vacuum structure. You also do not want to put your Hydro Flask in the freezer. This is also because of the double walled vacuum structure and it will deteriorate the condition of your bottle. 

One important thing you should know is that whether your Hydro Flask has a flex cap, a wide-flat cap, a stainless steel flap cap or a loop cap, you should avoid putting it in the dishwasher. Dishwasher soap can easily get stuck in the cap’s smaller areas and can eventually lead to mold or simply affect how your beverages taste. To clean your cap properly, hand-washing is still preferred. Use hot, soapy water, rinse the cap thoroughly, then let it air dry.

You also do not want to use bleach. While bleach can be great for cleaning many things it is not suggested when cleaning a Hydro Flask. Bleach can cause the stainless steel to corrode over time and ruin your bottle.

How to clean a hydro flask


A hydro flask is a great choice for a wide variety of activities and uses. Whether you are hiking, biking, skiing, or just casually walking around the park, your hydro flask is sure to be there with you. When letting your Hydro Flask dry make sure to flip the bottle upside down on a towel to ensure all the water gets out. Then when storing after it’s completely dry do not screw on the cap all the way to prevent mold while storing. The Hydro Flask is an extremely useful bottle that can be used for many different types of liquids. However, because it is made to be semi-permanent, it can start to harbor bacteria and other microorganisms if you don’t keep it clean.



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