How Long Does It Take To Learn Guitar

Beginners Guide To Guitar

The guitar is one of the oldest and most popular instruments globally. Its popularity is related, in component, to its versatility. The guitar can play a wide range of music, from country to classical. The history of the guitar dates around the 12th century, when it was first mentioned in a written document. Over the years, the guitar has transformed into its current form.

How long does it take to learn Guitar

What is a Guitar?

A guitar is a stringed instrument typically played with the fingers or a plectrum. The strings’ vibration produces sound, which is amplified either acoustically or electrically. The guitar is a popular instrument in many genres of music and has been around for centuries.

Here’s a rough idea of how long does it take to learn guitar 

1-2 Months (Beginner Level)

It’s in your best interest to acquire some essential chords utilized in most tunes and start to get a handle on simple strumming patterns. You can begin playing around with some easy plucking if you feel like it. In time, you will start playing some simple guitar tunes.

3-6 Months (Intermediate Level)

You will delve more into the technical aspects of melodies and begin learning music theory. You might find new methods to play on the instrument, including hammer-ons, strum patterns, and more difficult plucking. Now is a great time to learn music notation (tablature) and phrasing for songs.

12 – 18 Months (Intermediate-Advanced Level)

By this time, you’ll have mastered the fundamental chords such as the back of your hand; it’s time to drag on to better-advanced fingerings (i.e., barre chords that play on the hand) and move quickly between diverse fingering combinations.

If used in some of these introductory intermediates techniques, you will not feel anxious. It is the time that you may freely practice any beginner-intermediate technique out there, including that which you’ve learned until now.

18 – 36 Months (Advanced Level)

You know your music and guitar theory and have the basis of your technique more or less down. You practice by playing your favorite tunes, making almost no effort (if any!). Soon enough, you’ll be able to play any music your heart desires with little experience.

What is a Bass Guitar?

A bass guitar is a type of electric guitar that typically has six strings and is tuned to the piano’s lower register. Bass guitars are more significant than other electric guitars and are used in various music genres, from country to metal. They typically have four or five strings at the lower register, which produces a deep bass sound.

How Long Does It Take to Learn Bass Guitar?

The bass guitar, or simply the bass, is a four to the six-stringed instrument that’s tuned in the same way that a stand-up double bass is. The appearance is like a regular electric guitar, but the neck is longer.

Bass guitarists are extremely sought-after; due to this, they command many promoters and venues eager to book them. Bass guitar is a complex instrument, and the period it takes an individual to learn it tends to vary greatly. Now, How long does it take to learn bass guitar?

4 Facts to Determine How Long Does It Take To Learn Bass Guitar:


Research indicates that young people learn faster through music than in any other manner. Although that’s never the case with you, don’t miss out on it! Music and the arts can positively affect your cognitive and physical abilities at any age. It’s never too late to learn to play the bass guitar!

Musical Experience

Someone with experience or a background in music will probably have a better time than other beginners. Musicians that play stringed instruments, such as acoustic guitars and fiddles, will have a leg up while learning the basic skills. It is mainly because of the knowledge and familiarity with the strings and layout on the fingerboard.

Nevertheless, the difference between guitar and bass is vast. That is, even though you’re better at the guitar, you won’t be as good at the bass if you have already mastered the guitar.

Music Genre

Some musicians claim that the most popular musical genres are more comfortable playing bass. While this may be correct for some bands, it’s generally relative or subjective, depending on the bassist. 

For some, country and pop are straightforward, while funk is more complex. But, any genre is easy to learn if you are familiar with it. So now, if you think about playing a genre you’re familiar with, it will help you pick up the bass easily.


Your motivation plays a role in determining whether it will take you longer to learn to play the bass guitar. If you want to play the bass well, you should put in plenty of practice time. Those who practice more often will progress faster on the bass guitar.


It seems that the time it takes to learn guitar depends mainly on the individual. Some people may pick up the basics relatively quickly, while others may struggle with certain concepts for a while. However, with practice and patience, anyone can learn to play guitar. If you’re interested in learning this skill, start by finding a reputable guitar teacher who can help you develop a practice routine that works for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you.



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