How Long Does Pre Workout Last

Does pre workout go bad

Pre-workout can definitely boost energy and enhance performance, but that doesn’t mean you can rely on it alone to get your workout done. When taking pre-workout, it’s important to consume plenty of water so that you don’t feel dehydrated during your workout. You should also be sure to have a balanced, healthy diet. Lastly, even if you have taken pre-workout and are feeling the effects, don’t let that make you overconfident or underestimate what your body is capable of doing. How long does pre workout last? The answer to this question is a bit tricky and depends on several factors. As we take a deeper look at the effects of pre-workout, how they work and how to maximize the benefits you can expect to see, it should get a bit easier to understand when and where they are of most benefit.

Can pre workout go bad

What is pre workout? 

Pre-workout supplements are often referred to as just “pre-workout.” These supplements are multi-ingredient dietary formulas designed to increase energy and enhance athletic performance by transporting nutrients to the muscles. They’re usually a powdered substance that you can mix in water and drink before hitting the gym and beginning your workout. 

How long does pre workout last? 

Some people use pre-workout to supplement their workouts, while others use it as a replacement. However you use it, how long pre-workout lasts depends on what ingredients are in the mixture and the half-life of each ingredient. Pre-workout usually consists of different amino acids like BCAA, beta-alanine, creatine, etc. These ingredients would last a few hours in your system and kick in about 30 minutes to a couple hours after consumption. Keep this in mind when exercising and decide when it’s best for you to take your pre-workout. It’s recommended you take it about 20 minutes before working out so that the ingredients can kick in when you’re ready to pump iron. 

A typical pre-workout is designed to have most of the ingredients kick in within 30 – 45 minutes, with some exceptions having a longer time horizon. The most common active ingredient caffeine takes approximately 30 minutes to kick-in but only lasts around 1-1.5 hours or so before its half-life kicks in. Beta-alanine and creatine typically take 30-45 minutes to increase muscle performance but can last between 2 – 4 hours depending on what brand you purchase and by that time your body is burning through it really fast making it one of the best workout supplements for men or women respectively.

Does pre workout go bad

Does pre workout go bad?

As with any other type of supplement, there is an expiration date for pre-workout products. This means that the ingredients within the product will degrade over time. Pre-workout products can expire before their listed expiration date. An expired pre-workout product may still seem fine when you initially open the bottle, but it could begin to change over time. Pre-workout products can go bad and shouldn’t be used if they have. When a pre-workout goes bad you’re likely to see signs of the product. If the product has gone bad it can be identified by mold, an unpleasant smell, clumping, or poor mixing with water. If these signs are present it suggests there may be an issue with the quality of the product and that it is no longer effective. Here are some signs that your pre workout may have gone bad:


If you buy pre workout and the seal is broken this can create air and moisture in your supplement causing it to get clumpy. This can also happen if you don’t store or close your pre workout properly. Clumps in your pre workout is an indication that the supplement has gone bad and it may even be before the expiration date. Some brands are more prone to this if they contain glycerol which attracts water creating the clumpy appearance. 

Bad smell

Pre workout typically doesn’t have a smell unless it is flavored. However, after using it if you notice a weird or bad smell that’s different from the usual, this could mean your pre workout has gone bad. Overtime your pre workout may change smell slightly but it will not be a big difference unless it has been spoiled. 

Won’t mix 

If you don’t experience either of the two indicators above you may see your pre workout not mixing. If your supplement is not mixing like normal or won’t mix properly then there is a good chance it has gone bad. 

Can you take pre workout after the expiration date

​​Pre-workouts expire. However, expired pre-workouts aren’t necessarily ineffective and can be taken after their expiration date. Expiration dates on pre-workout supplements are an indicator of how long the ingredients within the product are most potent, as guaranteed by the manufacturer. In general then many pre-workouts can be taken after their expiration date, as they shouldn’t cause any problems. However, they may be less effective after their expiration date as some ingredients like many vitamins lose potency over time. Although many products can be used after their expiration date, pre-workouts containing certain ingredients, like fatty acids, shouldn’t be used after their expiration date as these ingredients do go off. Significantly out of date pre-workouts should also be avoided. To stop pre-workouts from going bad – before and after their expiration date – it’s best to store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Does pre workout lose potency

If your pre workout hasn’t expired but you have had it for a while the potency may change. This is all dependent on the ingredients in the supplement you bought. Pre workout itself can lose potency over time but not all of the ingredients in your supplement will. Amino acids and vitamins have the tendency to break down around 6 months. This makes them less effective and decreases how potent they are. So, while your pre workout may not be expired the potency may be less effective and you will want to get a new pre workout. 

How to know if pre workout is working

Are you still wondering if your pre workout is working? Well, you’re in luck. Here are some of the most common signs which will tell you that it’s working and giving you the boost of energy that it promised.

Tingling skin 

You may have found yourself asking why does pre workout make you itch. While you might be worried that this is an indication of something going wrong with your heart or body, it’s actually quite the opposite! You’ve probably noticed a slight tingling or itching sensation as it kicks in. This effect is known as the histamine response, and beta-alanine has been proven to stimulate it 100% of the time. This is actually a very good thing because it’s an indicator that the beta-alanine used in the pre workout has begun to work. Don’t be alarmed by this reaction—instead embrace it!

Energized feeling

You should notice a burst of energy after taking pre workout. This energy boost should be pretty noticeable. You may notice more of a kick if you were tired before taking your supplement. Nonetheless this energy boost from pre workout should make you feel like you can move mountains during your workout. 

Increased focus

You’re not alone if you are experiencing decreased mental clarity, persistent drowsiness, and a general loss of motivation. Our modern lives are filled with distractions, making it hard to focus on any single task. Our focus is continually split between work, family, friends and other responsibilities. One of the worst things that can happen to someone who wants to be productive is taking a pre-workout supplement that fails to deliver on its promises. If your pre-workout contains cognitive stimulants like theanine and L-tyrosine, you will experience an increase in focus. You will be able to concentrate on the task at hand better

Why does pre workout make you itch

Final words 

In general pre workout has a great shelf life only if it is stored properly. If used and stored properly pre workout should remain potent and safe up until its expiration date. Unless your pre workout has certain ingredients such as fish oil or other perishable ingredients, it may lose its potency. Always store your pre workout in a cool dry place with the lid tightly closed. This will ensure you get the most out of your pre workout and prevent it from going bad. Always use pre workout in moderation and consult a doctor if you are having side effects. 



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