Top 5 Macerating, Marine, & RV Toilet Brands

Top 5 macerating toilets

Find A High Quality Macerator Toilet for Your Travels

Do you own a boat or recreational vehicle that’s missing a composting toilet, marine toilet, or is in need of an RV toilet replacement? Finding the best RV toilet for those tight spaces can be challenging, which is why we picked out the best options tailored to meet your needs.


Silent Venus: Macerating Toilet Kit

If finding a toilet that’s able to pump uphill has been a struggle, look no further. This Silent Venus macerator toilet kit is great for anyone who needs to travel waste uphill. The Slient Venus upflush toilet is capable of pumping waste up to 19 feet vertically and 196 feet horizontally with a 400w motor. That motor is a stainless steel powerhouse with non-clog blades.

Saniflo toilet

Saniflo: Self-Contained Saniflo Macerating Toilet

This Saniflo toilet is perfect for small places. If you’re a big traveler and own a recreational vehicle or boat, you may want to consider checking out this Saniflo macerating toilet kit. The toilet’s setup is extremely convenient since installation doesn’t require any floor breaking.


Jabsco: Twist n' Lock Compact Toilet

This Jabsco Twist n’ Lock toilet was built to handle anything. It has a safety pump handle that is capable of guarding against flooding and waste backup. The Jabsco marine toilet capability is made possible by locking their piston assembly in place. This Jabsco manual marine toilet and its compact size also make it possible to fit just about anywhere, especially really tight spaces. 

Five Oceans: Five Oceans Marine Electric Toilet with Macerator Pump

If you are looking for an easy installation process, then this Five Oceans Marine Electric Toilet is the one for you. This toilet comes with every accessory you’ll need to make installation seamless and is able to fit in extremely compact spaces. Five Oceans made this toilet fit in just about any RV or boat so you’ll have peace of mind when you travel.


Liberty Pumps: Liberty Macerating Toilet System

This Liberty Pumps macerating toilet system is a great option for anyone who is remodeling or just needs a new bathroom edition. The Ascent 2 macerating toilet system includes a 1.28 GPF high-efficiency toilet and is capable of pumping 25 feet vertically and 150 feet horizontally!

Top 5 macerating toilets

Macerating Toilet FAQ's

How far can a macerating toilet pump?

The answer to this depends on the macerating toilet that you are using, however, there is a standard rule of thumb for vertical and horizontal distances. The standard for how far they can pump vertically is 10-15 feet and the standard for how far they can pump horizontally is 100-150 feet. Horizontal distance can also change depending on the gravity pull.

How does a macerator toilet work?

A macerator toilet releases waste into a large container that is either behind the wall or toilet itself. From there, the waste is liquified and taken from the original container by a pipe that’s attached to a main drain.

Can you use any toilet with a macerator?

There are two types of toilets you can use with a macerator: close-coupled and wall-hung toilets.

What is the best macerating toilet system?

Based on various reviews, lists, and opinions of customers, Saniflo macerating toilets are the most liked overall.

How do marine composting toilets work?

The best composting toilet separates solids from liquids with two different chambers.

How much water does the latest RV macerator toilets use?

The answer to this varies based on the type of macerator toilet you are using. Some toilets use more water per flush than others. A typical flush uses approximately 1.2 gallons of water per flush.

Do you need to winterize a marine portable toilet?

If you plan to leave your portable marine toilet outside when it gets cold, then you need to prepare your toilet for the cold air. Place the toilet against the wall or try to place sandbags around the base of the toilet to help prevent freezing in the pipes.

How to remove aqua magic RV toilet?

Locate the water valve in the back of the toilet and disconnect it from the water supply line. Once that is disconnected, you’ll need to take off the nuts from the closet flange bolts that are placed on both sides of the aqua magic toilet. Now, you’ll be able to lift the toilet straight up and move it elsewhere.

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