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If this is your first time visiting Article Insider, take some time to browse around. If you are looking for information on a particular topic, use the Category Menu or Search. If you don't find what you are looking for, let us know or better yet, consider writing an article for Article Insider to publish. We are always looking for new freelance writing talent. Remember, freelance writers can choose to write about practically anything.

If you are seeking to write, then welcome! There is plenty of work for writers here. The team at Article Insider knows, especially in these economic times, that many writers are turning to the internet in hopes of finding writing jobs. That is what inspired us to create Article Insider. First, let's get clear on some basic terminology. Whether one is searching for "freelance writing jobs", "online copywriting jobs" or "online content writing jobs" âÄì it all basically means the same thing: jobs for writers. The internet has now become the publishing platform of choice (or necessity!). Online has become mainstream and everyone has access.

This, as many of you are acutely aware, had a transformative effect on the traditional publishing industry. It has also generated fresh possibilities for those who love to write. There are ways for writers to earn money unheard of only five years ago. Article Insider is dedicated to exploring these new avenues of earning and career development with you. We will change to reflect your desires and needs. We start from the premise that well written, thoughtful articles will attract advertisers. For those who aren't keeping track, online advertising is the principal revenue engine driving the internet economy. That is how Google makes its money. It has been true for the traditional publishing industry as well.

We want you to make money writing

We believe that what is good for Google and has been good for the publishing industry is also good for writers. This of course turns the notion of a "writing job" on its head. By eliminating the need for a publisher in the old sense, writers now face their audience directly. Here there are no editors to determine who gets which story, dole out assignments or pay for articles (and keep the advertising profits). Each of you becomes a publisher. You need to decide what to write, when to write it and most importantly, how to write it.

Over time, if your writing is solid and your topics are well chosen, your body of online writing work will likely begin to generate advertising revenue. The more people who read and find your articles interesting, the more advertising revenues you should receive. The more articles you write, the more locations there are for additional ads, hence more revenue for you. Will you see money immediately? Probably not. But if you stick with it, then your earnings can grow long after you have written the article.

Article Insider does well economically only if you do well. For that reason we have collected information and tools to help you be successful. You'll find them under "Writer's Treasure Chest", which you can access by registering* and logging in to your free Article Insider account.

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