5 Brilliant Legos Storage Ideas

Keeps Your Legos Organized and Off the Floor – 5 Brilliant Legos Storage Ideas

Some great news surfaced in November concerning both young and grown-up Lego collectors. The LEGO Beatles Yellow Submarine is finally out and it looks great! But before you rush to the store to get this exciting kit, make sure you stop and think about how you want to later store your awesome toy and keep it safe, dry, and off the floor. We have researched these 5 efficient Lego Storage Ideas for you, they will help you live life organized and keep your kids’ rooms neat and tidy!

The Classic Lego Brick


Lego Storage

As a huge Lego fan, I wanted a huge brick to store my Legos collection instead of using a regular box of some sort. The Lego Storage Brick 8 is an excellent storage solution for large amounts of Legos. It’s well constructed. I would guess this could easily hold 3000 bricks.

I admit that opening it is a little awkward at first with the way the grip is designed on the lid and the ridges on the side of the box.

However, my children are not having any trouble getting it open. The circular grooves on the inside of the box are so narrow, they would only trap the tiniest pieces, which you would probably want to store separately from the larger bricks anyway. Even 1×1 bricks are too big to get caught in there. With Lego Storage, it will be a breeze to gather all your regular lego bricks. The lid goes all the way to the bottom of the box which is a plus. The box is sturdier because of it and less liable to spill open unintentionally. Besides this, there are hand-holds to help you lift the box itself or the lid.

These aren’t cheap, but you get what you pay for and the plastic is thick and sturdy and I for one appreciate that it’s PVC-free — and stack them just like legos!

This large-size storage brick provides a more playful way of tidying up the room with your children. You can get as many additional bricks in different sizes and colors because they work as stackable blocks. Meaning, the boxes are stackable like the individual Lego bricks themselves.

Lego Storage Ideas

It will definitely give you a new and exciting way of doing interior decorating as well as helping you with the practical purpose of keeping everything tidy.  It really becomes a space saver when you have more than one. Previously, I used canvas bins, but they took up a lot of space and were easy to knock over – scattering legos everywhere, causing me cleanup stress.  The best part is that you can buy more of these as the Lego collection grows.

Check out The Lego Storage Brick 8 here.

Your Legos Will Love the 6-Case Activity Station

Lego storage solution

Another one among our 5 great Lego Storage Ideas is the IRIS 6-case drawer organizer. This Activity Station will help you keep kids’ Legos and toys tucked away but still easily accessible. This case is a perfect solution to keep Legos organized.

You will love not having to step on Legos or hunt for missing pieces.

The Activity Station features six removable cases that are designed to hold Legos, books, arts and crafts supplies, and much more! You’ll finally be able to sort your Legos by piece size or specialty pieces, etc. The drawers lock well and hold A LOT! There’s enough room so that as you gain more lego kits, you can continue to sort them by color and add them to the cases. This Lego storage unit is perfect for kids since they can easily remove cases from the Activity Station and take their favorite collection with them to any room and you won’t have to worry about pieces falling all over the place! The cabinet is fairly sturdy, so if you need to, you can relocate the entire chest by picking it up full and carrying it by the top.

The molded handle makes it super easy to carry.

The pull-out containers are identical to the ones Lego sells, but the tower is obviously the best thing about this storage piece. This Organizer Top is a great Legos Storage Idea and offers a simple yet efficient way to keep small toys and accessories easily accessible. Also, it will make play and cleanup so much easier! The Activity Station comes fully assembled and it will do wonders for the overflow of Legos.

Check out the IRIS Organizer Top here.

The Classic Storage Bin

Lego Bin


The LEGO Storage Bin is a terrific stackable organization bin and has lots of room for all of your Lego bricks. You can use the sorting bin for the smallest pieces, and the room below for 2 x 4s and other similarly sized bricks.  This is a versatile storage bin that comes in different colors and will allow you to sort your Legos and have fun while doing it. Here’s an idea: warm colors in the yellow bin, cool colors in the blue bin, and neutrals like black, white, and brown in the red bin.

The lid doesn’t lock on, it just kinda sits on top but it is made to stack so if you have a large number of legos to need multiple boxes this is great.


Makes it easier for the kids to get into and not need help pulling the lid off. The top part works great for keeping the special pieces and small pieces from getting lost in the bucket part and is easy to find when the kids are looking to build a certain set.

Lego Bin

Check out the LEGO Storage Bin here.

Another Storage Option For You To Consider

Akro-Mils 10144 D 20-Inch by 16-Inch by 6-1/2-Inch Hardware and Craft Cabinet

This Akro-Mils Hardware and Craft Cabinet is the #1 Bestseller on Amazon in the Bucket Tool Organizers section. This 44-Drawer set gets the job of organizing your Legos done. Paired with a label maker, this makes the perfect organizer.

This is a fantastic organizer for the price and you get lots of compartments to store ALL your Legos and still have plenty of drawers to use.

The drawers are sturdy plastic and slide in and out smoothly. They open easily and stop if you pull too far – you have to lift the compartment to actually remove it from the cabinet. You can stack the cabinets on top of each other and have everything you need all in one place. The cabinet comes with plastic dividers to help you split many of the drawers into two compartments. Make sure to cut the dividers from the back of the black plastic case. If you’re not looking for them, they would be easy to overlook. Also, you’ll need to remove the dividers before you fill the compartments with stuff. Overall this is an excellent product for the amount of storage you actually get.

Check out the Akro-Mils Hardware and Craft Cabinet here.

Get Your Kids a Playing Storage Mat

Lego Play Mat

The Children’s Play Mat and Toys Storage Bag is a huge floor mat that folds out into a big circle, offering tons of room for lego bricks, action figures & other toys. You will love this mat since it does such a great job of helping keep your legos cleaned up and it’s easy to open and close. It lays out well, seems well constructed, and has neat little mesh pockets inside, where you can put some specialty pieces you want to find quickly. Use this to make sure your child is having fun without worrying about the mess.

The Play Mat is such an absolutely perfect Legos storage Idea for the Lego-style blocks.

It really makes it easy for little ones to keep things together and tidy. Now you can finally play Legos with your children every day, without having a single Lego mess. Your kids will play safely inside of the mat, and if a few Legos leave the mat, it takes only a few seconds to get them back on the mat. And then you just pull the cord, and all done!

Check out the Children’s Play Mat and Toys Storage Bag here.

I hope this article gave you some great Legos Storage Ideas. They work great for their own use as well as a perfect present. It doesn’t matter if you’re a concerned parent or a passionate fan of Lego collections, these storage cases will make your life a whole lot easier.

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