When Do Babies Start Playing With Toys?

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Your life is now entirely altered when you are a new mom. Your little one is entirely reliant on you. You certainly love spending time with her, but sometimes you might wonder when babies start playing with toys? You have other work to do as well; for example, you need to do laundry or do some dishes, or you may need some break, and you want to scroll down through your phone. This time is great to help stimulate your baby while keeping them occupied.  

In the initial days, your newborn only needs you. Her playtime includes cuddles and snuggles in your arms. Her vision is not clear in the first two months; that is why she does not reach out for any toy. Do not stress yourself over her not playing with any toy in this phase. Your baby will ask for things as soon as she is ready. 

When Do Babies Start Playing With Toys

When to give toys to your baby?

Once your infant is three months old, she will have a clearer vision. She will start exploring the world around her. You can find many age-appropriate toys for this age. Noise making and bright colored rattles are the best toys for this age. You can let your baby spend some tummy time discovering any soft toy. Baby gym is also a good idea. You can introduce cloth books to her. But still, she is not able to play independently.

By the age of five months or six months, your baby will be able to grasp things and transfer them between her hands. You can then provide her with many homemade sensory activities. It will nurture her all senses. You can give her easy holding toys. It can also keep your little one entertained for a long time. Inflatable small toys are also a significant innovation in the toy market. In this phase, some babies might be teething. Their toys can be chew cubes and teethers. Many babies like to play with simple toys but make sure they are safe for the age range of your child. 

At this age, babies start holding up their necks and can manipulate toys independently. It is the best time to encourage independent playtime. Keep an eye on your baby but maintain some space as well. Please do not leave them alone. Do not expect that they will play correctly with everything that they have. They will be taking everything and putting it in their mouth. It is their mode of exploration. Sometimes they will throw everything on the floor, which helps them learn cause and effect.

Your growing baby will master sitting up or crawling around eight months. You can give anything to your baby to explore, even though that is not a toy. Babies start playing independently at this age. Now she can spend more time individually with her toys. But remember, if you get her any toy, you need to show her how to play with it. For example, you will have to showcase how to stack cups or blocks. Your infant will require your help to understand her toys. This is the age when babies start playing with toys. Around one year of age, the baby will be mobile. Now she can play on the swing or with her interactive toys. She will spend time with books, board, and chalk.

Be vigilant when babies start playing with toys

Although your child is playing with her toys on her own, it is necessary to keep an eye on her. Even when your baby becomes a toddler or starts school, it is essential to give your children the right kind of attention. Be mindful of the following points when you see your child engaged in her play.

  • She must not be taking anything in her mouth. Babies learn through taste, so they are tempted to take everything in their mouth.
  • Do not make them sit in a higher place. 
  • Wash their toys often.
  • Do not let the other sibling play around.

What toys are suitable for babies?

Parents often wonder when babies start playing with toys? And when the time arrives, they do not understand how to make their babies play with their toys. Note down the following points that may help in keeping your child engaged.

  • Buy age-appropriate toys. Every age has its particular set of toys. They are safe and designed to achieve milestones.
  • Also, buy manual ones instead of battery-operated toys. Manual toys will encourage young minds to think. The best toys are those that do nothing. Children get creative with toys.
  • Make sure the toys do not include any choking hazard.
  • Buy non-toxic toys.
  • Buy light-weighted toys for infants.

Make sure your little one is adequately fed and is not sleepy. Her diaper is changed, and she is entirely comfortable in her clothes. She will undoubtedly enjoy her playtime. With children come lots of toys so having a place to store them all is just as important! 






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