Baby Teether Food

For every baby, teething is a part of their growth and development. However, this is one of the stages in a baby’s life that can be painful and hard. You will notice that your baby may suffer a lot of discomforts and even experience health problems during teething.

To make matters worse, eating becomes a serious challenge. This can be frustrating for you as a parent, especially if you are not sure of the best baby teether food to give your toddler. In order to help your baby during the teething stage, we will look at some of the teething foods that you can use.

What Foods Are Ideal for Teething Babies?

Seeing the first teeth of your baby can be an exciting experience because it’s a sign they’re growing up. However, in the initial stages, your baby may be fussy and moody. This is caused by the discomfort in their gums.

In most cases, chewing food will be hard due to the gums being sore and swollen. Understanding the right baby teether food can help ease the pain and keep your baby nourished all through. Here are some of the best foods that you can give your baby while they are teething:

  • Soft Foods: You do not want to give your baby any foods that are hard on the gums. As such, you should look for all sorts of soft foods that will not be difficult for the baby to chew. Some of the best options include mashed vegetables, soup, plain yogurt, pureed meat, mashed fruits, and more.
  • Chilled Mashed Baby Food: Has your baby started teething when they are already being weaned with solid foods? Once you have finished preparing the food, you can put it in the fridge before feeding your baby. This will help soothe the swollen and sore gums and makes it easier for them to chew.
  • Frozen Food in Mesh Feeders: You can add frozen breast milk, vegetables, and even fruits to the mesh feeder. This is a perfect option for teething babies who are not already eating solid foods.

Can I Use Teething Tablets or Gels? 

As a parent, it may be tempting to use teething gels and tablets to soothe the teething pain in your baby. However, this is not recommended because most of the gels and tablets have ingredients that aren’t safe for children, such as benzocaine.

As a matter of fact, the FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics discourage the use of such options. Instead of the teething tablets and gel, give your little one baby teether food and they should be good to go. You can also talk to a pediatrician about other options.

Best Baby Teether Food 

While it may be painful, uncomfortable, and frustrating, teething is a stage that any normal child has to pass through. As a parent, the best you can do to help your toddler during this cycle is to provide the necessary remedies and support. Getting the best baby teether food is one of the ways to keep your child safe and healthy. We believe that the suggestions provided here will go a long way to help you during this phase.

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