Healthy Smash Cake

Birthday Smash Cake for Your Little One

For any parent, seeing their baby turn one is a huge milestone. Chances are that you will have a big party to celebrate the baby’s first birthday. On a baby’s first birthday, people typically have a smash cake for the baby and a cake for the guests. This can be a great way to introduce your toddler to the taste of sugar.

Unlike the cake for the guests, the smash cake acts as a fun activity for the baby where they’re able to dig in and get as messy as possible. You will love the photos and entire experience seeing your baby covered with cake.

This cake doesn’t have to be extremely unhealthy either. There are plenty of healthy smash cake options for you to explore.

Tips for the Smash Cake Party

When it comes to the choice of a healthy smash cake, you should not limit your imagination. You and your baby have come a long way in this first year, so this is your opportunity to go all out. Keep in mind, table manners are suspended for a while and you should expect a messy affair. Here are some tips:

  • It is safer to cover the floor and other surrounding surfaces because the cake will get everywhere.
  • Prepare for some cleaning after the extravaganza. In fact, think about hosting this party outdoors so you can save yourself some trouble.
  • Bright colored frosting and dye may stain tablecloths and surfaces, so you may want to choose a more subtle color for the cake.
  • Substitute certain cake ingredients for healthier options so the baby doesn’t go into a sugar overload.

So the big one is coming up? Make provisions so your healthy smash cake is the peak of the party and have your camera ready! These moments are worth remembering.

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