Baby Diaper Covers

Alternatives to Disposable Diapers

Not all parents prefer using disposable diapers. For some, it can be very expensive. Others may not like using artificial products on their baby. If you are one such parent who chooses to use a cloth diaper instead of a disposable one, then a baby diaper cover is highly essential.

A diaper cover is used to protect a cloth diaper or diaper pad and prevent it from leaking onto the clothes. Some parents even use it over a disposable diaper to provide additional protection. These covers are made of water-resistant material and are 100% safe.

How To Keep the Diaper Cover Clean?

As mentioned earlier, a diaper cover is meant to protect a cloth napkin or diaper. Thus, you don’t need to change it every time you change the diaper unless the diaper leaks. To keep it clean, all you have to do is to wipe it down every time you change the cloth diaper. It can be washed with soap and water after 4-5 uses.

The durability and maintenance of the baby diaper cover depends on the type of insert that you use.

What Are the Different Types of Baby Diaper Covers?


These are diaper covers that can be wrapped around the baby and fastened with velcro. You do not need any pin to hold the cover in place. You can fold the insert, place it inside the diaper cover and then close it with velcro.

Pull-on covers

These are covers that you can pull up like normal underwear. But pull-on covers require a fitted diaper underneath.

The main advantage of a pull-on cover is that it is easy to change. But if the baby has a messy poop, then it is difficult to pull it down.

How To Choose a Baby Diaper Cover?

You should consider the below aspects while choosing a baby diaper cover:

Your budget:

  • Diaper covers are available anywhere from $10 – $20. First, decide on the amount you are ready to spend before deciding on the type of diaper.


  • Diaper covers are available in different materials such as cotton, waterproof nylon, fleece and wool. You should select one depending on the general climate of your region.

Age of your baby:

  • This is a very important factor in deciding whether to go for a wrap or pull-on cover.  If your baby is less than 6 months, it is advisable to go for a wrap cover. Once the baby starts standing, you can go for a pull-on diaper since it’s easier to wear.

Type of diaper insert:

  • You should select the diaper cover based on the type of insert you are planning to use.  If you plan to use pre-fold or flat inserts, then a wrap cover that fits properly should be used. On the other hand, if you are planning to use a fitted diaper, you can go for a pull-on cover.

Baby diaper covers are a great choice if you do not want to spend a lot on disposable diapers. Since the diaper covers are made of washable material, you can reuse it again and again until the baby outgrows it.

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