Baby Fights Swaddle

Having Trouble Swaddling Your Baby?

Learning how to swaddle a baby is one of the best techniques that a new parent needs to acquire. As simple as this method appears, it has amazing benefits and works like magic.

There are so many great benefits that have been associated with swaddling. The baby feels secure and snug in the swaddle. So what happens when your baby fights the swaddle? This can be such a bummer when it seems to work perfectly for all other babies.

You need to note that babies are different. As such, your baby may just not be the swaddling type. Not every newborn will love swaddling, but generally, most of them love the warm and cozy feeling when swaddled.

If you have noticed that your baby does not like the swaddle, the first thing is to ensure is that you are swaddling the little one the right way. Since your baby is not in a position to talk, they may fight the swaddle to show they are not comfortable.

If you have gotten to a stage where your baby fights the swaddle, they may have outgrown the blanket or swaddling stage. Try to tighten the swaddle a little bit as babies find it annoying being in a loose swaddle. Ideally, the main purpose of swaddling is to keep their arms snug and secure. However, their knees and hips should have room to move freely.

How to Handle a Baby Who Hates Swaddling

If your baby fights swaddle, here are some suggestions:

  • Keep the arms straight in the swaddle

For most infants, their natural position is to have their hands up so that they can easily suck their fingers. While attempting to do this, they will unravel the swaddle and keep disrupting their sleep. Ultimately, they will end up hating the swaddle. To resolve this, always swaddle them with their hands straight.

  • Do not cover above the shoulders

You need to make sure the blanket does not touch the baby’s cheeks and is not above the shoulders. Due to the soft nature of the swaddle, when it gets to the neck or cheeks of a hungry infant, they assume it is the mother’s breast. This will cause an automatic reflex for the baby to want to breastfeed and will be frustrated if this is not the case.

  • Use the Proper Size of Blanket

If a blanket is too small or too big, it may not serve the purpose. This makes it easier for the baby to break out of the swaddle and they will not settle. Ensure that you have the perfect size of the swaddle for your baby.

When you have tried all possible remedies and the baby still fights the swaddle, you should consider alternative methods of calming your baby. The idea is just to find a way of keeping the baby comfortable so that they can sleep.

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