Baby Girl Toys 6 Months

The Best Toys for My Six Month Old Baby

By 6 months old, your baby becomes more and more eager to interact with the world around her. As your little one achieves physical, emotional and cognitive milestones, incorporating toys will help her develop even more as she ages. Here are some of the best baby girl toys 6 months:

Textured Balls

Textured balls are good for sensory development. Sensory play helps your baby develop his senses, including touch, taste, and smell. Although senses naturally develop as your baby grows up, it’s ideal to encourage sensory development at an early age to help your baby explore the world around her. Textured balls are great because they can be used by both baby girls and boys, and they can explore them with their hands and mouth. You just have to make sure to sanitize them at all times.

Pop Beads

These toys help develop your baby’s fine motor skills, which include the ability to use small muscles in the hands and wrists. With pop beads, you can help your baby develop her fine motor skills since these toys allow her to grasp and manipulate them through her hands.

Activity Cubes

Activity cubes help your baby develop gross motor skills and the ability to use larger muscles such as arms, legs, and torso. These cubes help your baby enhance her gross motor skills since it encourages her to move around as she explores the toy in multiple positions, including sitting, lying on their tummy, or standing.

Touch and Feel Books

Although this may fall in the category of books, books can also be toys for kids. Touch and feel books are especially great as baby girl toys for 6 months since they encourage speech and language development.

All babies develop their speech and language skills differently at their own pace, but as a parent, you’d want your baby to develop her communication skills as soon as possible. Talking to your child throughout the day and reading her some books can help encourage your baby’s language skills at an early age. Sitting down with a book and labeling pictures also help with developing your baby’s receptive language skills. You can take their hand and point to pictures as you label them to sharpen their expressive language skills.

Stacking Cups

Stacking cups helps your baby understand the concept of object permanence. Object permanence is the concept that objects still exist even if they are out of sight. Babies commonly develop this skill at 5 months, so this is one of the best baby girl toys at 6 months. These toy cups involve hiding, so they can help your baby understand object permanence more quickly.

Push Carts

Push carts help your baby develop her cognitive skills since these toys encourage imaginary play and trigger them to process information, reason, and express emotion. As your baby gives the car a push for it to move, your baby learns cause and effect. She can also develop her skills in following instructions as you give simple commands like ‘go’ and ‘stop’.

There are many different toys available in the market, but it’s important to choose which toys to provide to your child. Choose not only the ones that provide fun but also the ones that help her develop in different aspects.


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