Baby Led Weaning Foods For 9 Month Old

9 Month Old Baby Led Weaning Tips

Have you come across the feeding technique known as baby led weaning? If you have not, we will take you through some of the important details that you should know about it and what foods to give your baby.

This is a method where babies feed themselves instead of being spoon-fed with purees. There are different types of foods that you can give your child depending on their age. Today, we want to focus on baby-led weaning foods for 9 month olds. One thing that you should be careful with is ensuring that the food is soft and squishy so as to avert the dangers of choking.

Baby Led Weaning Foods For 9 Month Old

Introducing new foods to the baby can be an exciting experience. However, there are also some serious challenges that you will need to contend with. At this young age, you can expect babies to make a serious mess, suffer allergies, and be vulnerable to choking risks.

Nonetheless, the benefits of BLW are quite numerous and you will love every step of the journey. In a short while, your baby will start enjoying the same foods that everyone else is taking.

What Are the Best Finger Foods for My 9-month Old?

Every parent wants to give their babies the best that life can offer. As such, it makes sense to want to know the baby led weaning foods for 9 month old. At nine months, your baby should be moving around, and they are usually quite active. Here are some of the foods that you can give your baby when enhancing self-feeding:


Consider foods like rice, pasta potatoes, bread, and breakfast cereal. These are great foods to boost energy levels.

Vegetables and Fruits:

Most experts insist on keeping veggies and fruits as part of the diet. As such, these are part of the baby led weaning foods for a 9 month old. The fruits need to be ripe and soft and sliced into baby bites.

Dairy Foods:

Introduce your baby to cheese, milk puddings, and yogurt among other dairy foods. These foods are rich in calcium, which strengthens the teeth and bones of the baby.


Fish, eggs, meat, tofu, and pulses need to be part of the meals that you give your baby. These are proteins and also provide iron, which is an essential nutrient for the little one.

Please note that low-fat foods are not baby led weaning foods for 9 month old. These are foods that should be gradually introduced after your baby is at least two years old. If your baby seems to not be getting full, you should not give snacks in between meals; keep up with the milk feeds.

Final Thoughts

When picking the baby led weaning foods for 9 month olds, you should start with soft foods that dissolve easily. Always ensure that the food is in small pieces or slices that the baby can swallow without any choking risks. Your baby will keep growing and in a short while, they will become good feeders without your assistance.

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