Benefits of Tummy Time

What Is Tummy Time?

You may have heard about tummy time from parents who have raised children. This is an act of placing the baby on its belly while they are awake. In this article, we want to look at the benefit of tummy time. When doing this, you should not leave the baby alone as they need to be supervised. Through this method, the baby can develop strength and muscles for the upper body. In addition, the motor skills of the baby are also enhanced. Tummy time has also been known to prevent positional plagiocephaly- the flat spots on the back of the head.

Benefit of Tummy Time

If your baby is left in the same position for a very long time, their skulls may move in, and this is what creates flat spots. Experts recommend placing toddlers on their backs to prevent cases of sudden infant death syndrome. However, tummy time creates a new experience for the baby as they can explore a new position. The muscles needed for crawling, rolling over, sitting, and even walking will be developed during tummy time. When you think about the great benefit of tummy time, you will practice it religiously.

The Importance of Tummy Time

By leaving your baby to lie on their belly for a few minutes, you will start to realize the benefit of tummy time. Remember that this is not a sleeping position, and tummy time should only happen when the baby is awake. Muscles in the upper body will start to develop, and the baby gains the stability needed to hold and control its head. The development of the legs, arms, and neck will highly depend on the tummy time that the baby gets.

Pivoting and reaching are also encouraged by tummy time. Studies show that children who are deprived of tummy time may take longer to hit various development milestones. Starting when the infant is still young is the best way to make sure that they will not resist. If you have noticed that your baby seems to hate tummy time, try and consider mixing up a couple of things to make it enjoyable.

Age to Start Tummy Time

To enjoy the benefit of tummy time, you should start as early as two weeks. At this stage, the sessions should not be more than one minute. As your baby keeps growing, you can gradually increase the time until they are entirely used to it. You can place them on your chest for the newborns and let them rest on their stomachs for a short while. Be careful not to do tummy time right after feeding the baby, as this may cause them to throw up.

It’s Tummy Time!

With the fantastic benefit of tummy time, you will need to learn to endure even when your baby gets fussy and hates it. Being a new experience, they may take some time to adjust to it, and after a while, they will enjoy being on their belly.

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