Co Parenting a Newborn

Navigating Co Parenting a Newborn

During the baby’s early months, both parents need to develop an emotional bond with the baby. But this can be difficult if you or your partner are not staying together, either due to divorce or separation. Through co-parenting, you can provide the much-needed care and security to the baby, and at the same time, maintain your personal space.

What Are The General Rules For Coparenting A Newborn?

Newborns need a fixed schedule and routine in their life. Thus, it would be best if you framed co-parenting rules that do not interfere with this schedule.

During the first few months after the birth, the baby should stay with one parent full-time. The other parent can frequently visit the baby and develop a bond. Slowly you can increase the frequency as the baby grows. Once both parents feel that the baby will be comfortable in the other parent’s company, you can encourage overnight stay with the other parent.

Some parents even decide to stay in the same house, though they are not in a relationship. This is mainly to maintain consistency and routine in the baby’s life. If you cannot live in the same house, at least try to stay close by so that you can be around the baby.

That said, it is best to follow certain general rules regarding co-parenting.Keep the newborn at the center of co-parenting.

The connecting factor between two people who are no longer in a relationship is the baby. Thus, your activity should have the baby as the primary focus. You should work and communicate with each other regarding feeding the baby, scheduling the doctor’s appointment, introducing solid food etc. Having proper coordination among both parents helps to reduce conflicts and misunderstanding.

Keep your frustration aside

You might have a lot of frustration and anger towards your former partner. But this should not come in your way of caring for the baby. You should be ready to keep your frustration aside while tending for the baby. If you feel that things might go out of control, you should talk to a  counsellor or a friend and vent out your feelings.

Make plans for effective communication

As mentioned earlier, newborns need a fixed schedule and routine. Thus, it is best to maintain a notebook with their feeding and sleeping schedule. If the other parent has to spend time with the baby or take the baby out, he/she might need to know when to feed the baby and when to put him to sleep if you make a note of it.

Final Thoughts

Co-parenting calls for an equal role of both parents in looking after the baby. Except for breastfeeding, all the other activities like bathing, sleeping, and nappy change should be equally shared by both parents. Keeping a note of all the activities helps in avoiding unnecessary conflicts. If the baby has a sibling, he/she should also be given a chance to be with the baby to develop a strong bond with each other.

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