Infant Bedtime Routine

Starting an Infant Bedtime Routine

Predictability makes it easy for the baby to adjust to different circumstances. Whether it is feeding, sleeping, or going out for a stroll, a routine helps the baby understand what is in store for them. A routine that most parents should develop is the bedtime routine.

You can start a bedtime routine as soon as the baby can make out the difference between day and night. This usually happens around 8-10 weeks. You should start the routine slowly with a change of clothing and night time feed. Once the baby is used to the routine, you can introduce more activities to the routine.

What Are The Benefits Of Bedtime Routine?

Helps baby sleep fast

Since a bedtime routine is predictable, your baby knows that it is time to sleep. This mentally prepares your baby and helps them to doze off fast.

Helps you relax

A bedtime routine is the best way for you to bond with your baby. Since things are predictable, you can adjust all other activities accordingly and put your baby to sleep. This provides a relaxed feel.

What Is The Best Bedtime Routine For The Baby?

A bedtime routine should involve things that provide a sense of comfort to your baby. There is no fixed routine that works for all babies. You should figure out what works for your tiny tot and go accordingly. Here are some bedtime activities that you can incorporate into your routine.


The warmth and comfort your baby gets through a feed helps them to sleep fast. You can either breastfeed or bottle feed your baby according to your convenience. While bottle-feeding, make sure that the milk is lukewarm.


A soothing bath in lukewarm water helps your baby to drift off to sleep faster. You can use chamomile or lavender soap, or lotion for a relaxed feel.

If your baby has teeth, you should also brush those pearls before hitting the bed.


A lullaby is very soothing and can help your baby to relax. You can either sing the song or play the music till your baby falls asleep.


Once a baby is six months, you can start reading books to them. Make sure that you use a quiet and calm voice to set the right mood.

What Are The Things To Consider While Establishing A Bedtime Routine?


Timing is very important when you schedule a bedtime routine for your baby. For this, you should keep watch on when your baby sleeps at a stretch. Some babies sleep by 7pm, whereas some others stay awake till 11 pm. Once you get an idea about the approximate time, you should start your routine at least half an hour before. Make sure that you stick to this time everyday.


It is very important that you put your baby to sleep at the same place every day. Your baby’s crib is the right place to sleep. But if he falls asleep in the stroller or car seat, you should transfer them to the crib as soon as possible.


A relaxing atmosphere is very important for your baby to sleep. You should dim the light, turn the TV off and pull back the curtains for a calm atmosphere. You can play white noise, if needed.

Final Thoughts

You should start a bedtime routine once a baby turns six months. This not only makes things predictable for the baby but also helps them to sleep peacefully. Moreover, it makes your job of putting the baby to sleep easy and relaxing.

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