Keep your Baby Safe – Choose the Best Cabinet Lock

The days when you needed a drill or a handyman to babyproof your cabinets are gone.

These days you can securely shut your cabinets, drawers, appliances, toilets, trash cans, and more with the help of adhesives or magnets. Safety Locks have evolved to provide you with the best and easiest experience possible.

The Safety Locks that we looked into are designed to keep your children out of cabinets, while still allowing you easy access to the items in your cabinets. Usually, childproofing is such a hassle, however, this article will help you find some great innovative options.

Utilize the Power of Magnets!

EliteBaby Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks – No Tools Required

EliteBaby Magnetic Cabinet Locks

At these prices, these locks really are about as good as you can get for your money. We’ve tried a few different locks in our time. These ones hold up – just remember to check the directions. If the specs of your drawer work for these, this decision is a no-brainer.

Check out the EliteBaby Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks – No Tools Required here.

Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks – No Tools Needed

magnetic cabinet locks

Make your cabinets Safe for your children with the Safety Baby Lock that’s completely concealed from everyone, including toddlers.

We’re talking about an aesthetically appealing, invisible, and very Safe Magnetic Lock. The lock offers a tight design, meaning little fingers cannot squeeze in between and get hurt.

The first thing we really liked about the Safe Magnetic Lock is that you won’t need tools to install it. Most people are turned off by the idea of poking holes into their furniture, and we totally get it. Your children will grow up, but the holes will never go away.

The locks and latches are mounted inside of the cabinet with the help of a 3M adhesive tape. The tape tightly secures the magnets in place, on the inside of your cabinets. After 24 hours, the tape will be firmly in place, but you shouldn’t worry about taking it off when the time comes. It will come off (you’ll have to use some force) without damaging your furniture.

Another great feature of the Safety Baby Magnetic Lock is the on/off switch positioned on the locks themselves. This means locks can be disengaged, during periods of necessary longer access. So if you have guests coming over and you don’t want to deal with the Safe Lock, just flip the switch and you’re good to go. Fantastic, isn’t it?

The thing to be mindful of when trying to install the Safe Lock, it can get tricky to line it up properly depending on your cabinet. You will probably use the additional adhesives to recover from mistakes. This is more a practice thing than a product flaw. The magnetic lock is relatively cheap considering you’re getting 8 locks and 2 keys for the price. With that being said, it could get a little pricey depending on how many cabinets you’re planning to secure.
If you are not completely satisfied with the Safe Lock, Safety Baby offers a full refund within 30 days of the purchase date. Sounds fair!

Another thing worth mentioning. The Safety 1st brand offers a similar type of Magnetic Cabinet Locks. They come at half the price but only have one key compared to Safety Baby that has two.

Check out the Safety Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks – No Tools Needed here.

Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks For Knobs

cabinet lock

The Kiscords Safe Lock works only on cabinets with side-by-side round knobs. If you have got handles, check out the Kiscords Childproof Cabinet Lock. Just like Safety Baby, Kiscords offer a product that will save you from drilling holes in your furniture. An added bonus to this option is not having to use adhesives that could potentially ruin the finish of your furniture.

Instead of magnets, they use the good old, wrap it with a cord technique. This simple design is by far the easiest way to slap safety on your cabinets. The Kiscords Safe Lock offers great protection and easy installation with no tools, screws, or drill necessary. They can fit knobs up to 6.5 inches apart, depending on the diameter. And when the cabinet or door knobs are far apart, you can combine two of them.

These are so much easier to use than the traditional plastic long u-shaped bar which slides around the handles and has to be released from a plastic restraint. With this product, you simply push in the center restraint button to move the apparatus to release the “Kiscords” or to tighten them to “lock” the cabinets.

The Kiscords work like a charm on side-by-side knobs, they are easy on the cabinets, and you hardly notice they are there. After a few tugs on the strap, kids simply give up and leave the knob alone.

The Safe Lock comes with a lot of little pieces which worry some parents that they might be turned into a choking hazard. No need to worry at all. The adjustment piece has a button that must be pushed to release the hold, so the little pieces would not go flying off if the cord was cut. Also, the cord is shorter on purpose to avoid any choking hazards. Safe and easy to use, that’s exactly how you want your Child Lock to be.

The Kiscords were designed by a parent and manufactured by handicapped adults.

Check out the Kiscords Baby Safety Cabinet Locks For Knobs here.

The Most Versatile Latches – Meet your Safe Munchkin Lock

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches

child safety locks

The Munchkin Safe Lock is definitely the most versatile on the market. You can use them for virtually any place in the house you wish to secure. Your cabinets, drawers, fridge, dishwasher, toilet seat, etc. won’t be considered a “birthright” of your little one anymore. It’s also really fun to watch them

These guards are excellent. They stick on via a very, very sticky surface they are attached to.

This keeps the door latched without having to drill into the actual door and damage it. Also, your strong little toddler won’t be able to open the door no matter how hard he/she pulls. After a while, they just stop trying. They can go on straight or around a corner.

The Munchkin locks are pretty large and unsightly, but they get the job done and your children won’t be able to figure them out. You might get the urge to try similar, less conspicuous Safe Locks, but you’ll probably just go back to these because they are very practical. You can unlock either side which is a bigger deal than you might think, and the remaining part swivels down, whereas the other kinds stay in that one position, which can be a bit annoying.

This product is so effective and easy to use that you won’t be able to imagine ever using something else. Great value.

Check out the Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches here.

Jessa Leona Low-Profile Latches

Jessa Leona 3M Adhesive Child Safety Locks with Adjustable Strap and Latch System

child safety locks

You will love the Jessa Leona appealing low-profile design of Safety Locks. They offer 3 colors (white, black, brown) to match any home decor.

The length of the locks is adjustable, which is cool for doors or drawers. The adhesive is 3M, which is really strong and very hard to remove. That means the Safe Locks will hold securely through the years.

Once you’re ready to remove them, it will be super easy. The locks and 3M foam can be removed without damage to your home by heating up with a hairdryer for a couple of minutes and peeling them away. Another perfect solution for apartments or rentals.

The Jessa Leone Adhesive Safe Locks are really easy to open (for an adult). You just need to slide the lock and it will snap out, no need to hold anything in place with the other hand. Just make sure they are in a horizontal or vertical placement. You’ll still need two hands to open them if you place them at an angle.

One important technical thing to have in mind: Do not lock the tab in place until you are 100% ready to do so, as once you do, it will not open again for adjustment.

The Jessa Leone Safe Lock definitely works as advertised. Your kids can tug on it all they want but the doors won’t open. If you’re looking for a latch that wouldn’t have to be permanently installed, but would function as well as any permanent ones, this is the one.

The makers of this brand believe in it so much, they offer a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Check out the Jessa Leona 3M Adhesive Child Safety Locks with Adjustable Strap and Latch System here.

There are many other variations of these products on the market. Researching them takes a lot of time and effort. Hopefully, we helped you decide which Safe Lock is the best for you and your specific needs.

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