Potty Training 1 Year Old

Tips for Potty Training Your One-Year-Old

When a one-year-old baby leaves you with a ton of mess to clean up, it is definitely time to introduce the almighty potty training strategy.

This means your baby is growing and developing more toddler-like tendencies that bring more challenges to parents. Parents need to step up their game and ensure their baby accomplishes every new experience successfully.

Potty training for a one-year-old is tough, but this is your first step to saving all that money used for diapers and channelling more time to helping the little one become conscious of their urges. The training can be managed when parents are patient, observant and sensitive to their baby’s moods, actions and reactions. Babies cannot vocally express any discomfort or desire they might have, and this is why in potty training there are a few tips to get it started and see it pull through:

Observe baby body signals and how they react to emotional situations.

When you notice your baby stiffen or even gasp a little grouchy sound, this is likely to be a poop signal. At that moment, you will need a toilet on standby to convince your little how fun it can be to do your business sitting down.

Sometimes, the best approach is the least obvious choice.

You could leave them without a diaper all day long. Yes, it will be a lot of work to clean and monitor, but training babies is like training puppies, so you need to show them the ideal alternative when they commit the error. All you have to do is show them the right way to go to the bathroom; they may not hear or understand you, but repetition will create a permanent picture of what you have shown them.

Developing a routine helps babies know what to expect.

The mind of a baby works like a ball that rolls in a circular form. As they continuously hear sounds, they start responding to them, and this applies to their daily line-up of activities. In motherhood, it’s essential to follow a pattern that creates a level of consistency in achieving response action from your baby.

If you want them to use the potty more often, then start off by making it available; when they wake up first thing in the morning, rid them of those diapers and set them on the potty for their early morning pee or poop. Sometimes after meals, give them 10 minutes, then keep them on the potty; it’s not a guarantee that they will cooperate, but consistency and continuity beget acceptance. Before you know it, they are rushing to their potty at the slightest sensation. That’s a sign of training becoming a habit.

There are no hard and fast rules in potty training a one-year-old because what works for one may not for the other. As parents, study your baby and discover how best to make their training process more fun for them and less challenging for you.

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