Smartest Dog Breeds: Medium Breeds

These medium dogs all make up the smartest breeds in the world, in order of intelligence (1-133).

When it is not herding sheep in the hilly boarder of Scotland and England, this intelligent, black and white workaholic thives on law and order in their surroundings – both in the field and at home. Regarded as one of the most intelligent dogs, when the family is fast asleep, the Border Collie can be found in the study playing chess against itself.

Touting excellent swimming skills, Poodles are easily the most popular water dog. They’re highly intelligent and eager to train. Poodles have kindly temperaments making them an ideal pet for families with children.

The iconic ears have this pup coined the ‘butterfly dog’. After all Papillon in French means butterfly. This toy-sized Continental spaniel is one of the oldest toy spaniels, dating well past the 16th Century. Their happy disposition make them easily trainable family-friendly dogs.

These medium sized sporting dogs love flushing and retrieving birds. While they are professional and alert in the field, they are affectionate and cheerful at home.

If there’s a dog who could pass the SATs, this one would be a good bet to place your money. This intelligent breed carries an air of self-confidence. They are highly protective of their ‘flock’, be that a flock of sheep or their family.

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The Collie’s mid-size, light frame are highly intelligent. They are particularly gifted with anticipating the needs of people around them, making them wonderful additions to the family, or even serice dogs.

This medium sized dog has some large sized fur. They are athletic and nimble and were used as companions and guard dogs on Dutch ships. Its closest relatives are from the Spitz family of dogs.

These medium to large sized hunting dogs are powerful and athletic in the field, be that upland game or in the water. Their energy levels and exuberant personalities make them not the best choice for families with small children.

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Thier outgoing personality and loving and caring temperament make this breed a wonderful family dog. While wonderful at home, they thrive even more in the outdoors – both on land and in water.

The original of the three Schnauzer sizes (Giant, Standard, and Miniature), this hypoallergenic pup came from 14th century Germany. They are fantastic family dogs who’s devotion puts them in the air of some of the better campanion dogs.

This medium breed is as swift and athletic as they come. Make sure to have an exercise plan in place before considering the breed as they have inexhaustible energy. On the homefront, they are sweet and patient, making them good for families with children of all ages.

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A herding dog through and through, the Belgian Malinois, even in a home setting can be seen circling and corralling the family – even without you thinking about it. They are loyal and loving dogs with a strong herding instinct.

These loyal companions love to run so make sure you have an exercise plan in place. They have seemingly endless energy and have natural hunting chops. Vizsla does mean “pointer” in Hungarian, after all. This medium breed makes for a wonderful family dog as they are fiercely loyal and affectionate.

Few dogs have a more distinguishable coat. This small to medium sized herding breed sports a corded coat. As with most herding dogs, they are intelligent and energetic.

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Not known for barking, they are still terriers – so they have a tendency to chew and dig. Their happiness is rooted in companionship and interactions with humans. Airedales own the title of largest terrier.

Great with kids, this affectionate and loyal medium sized Spaniel makes for a desirable family dog. When not at home, you can see them in action in the field, where their happy love for sporting is a joy to watch. Their versatility in the field is their strength.

This medium sized herding dog has a hypoallergenic coat that doubles its pressence. While they are lively and friendly, they also have a stubborn side that is just as strong. They require lots of exersice and have a relatively long grooming list, so make sure you account for that when considering this breed.

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This intelligent medium sized spaniel is an excellent hunting dog. They are largely docile and love to please their human companions. They were developed in 19th century England.

This ‘Pit Bull’ breed is more affectionately known as AmStaffs by their devout fanbase. They have a smooth coat and typically weigh anywhere from 50-80 pounds. True to what you’d expect from a Pit Bull, they are muscular and dawn signature “rose” ears.

Named for a Scottish aristocrat, this large setter is an active breed that is happy and loyal. If they could stay puppies for forever, they would.

Also known as a Beardie, this affectionate charismatic dog sports an undeniably recognizable shaggy coat. Once a prominent herding dog for Scottish shepherd, this dog has now filled the role of adored family companion.

This medium sized terrier was promoted from all around hunting dog (rabbits to badgers to foxes and otters) to an all around working dog. They are brave and spirited, affectionate and loyal.

The flashy red coat of the Irish Setter hallmarks its signature look. They are high spirited and high energy in both the field and the home. Make sure to have a plan to get their energy out and they’ll appreciate it.

The National Dog of Norway, this Spitz style breed is fearless and courageous. They are premier hunters of large game (moose, bears, wolves, etc). They double as excellent guard dogs.

This medium sized sporting dog is part of the Setter group (red Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, and Gordon Setters). Mild-mannered overly accomodating, they make for great companions for any age. Their protecive nature makes them adequate watch dogs.

These active and agile hounds were bred to hunt rabbits on rocky terrains. Medium in size, the “Blushing Dog” of Malta has a regal appearance.

If you’ve every watched the Disney movie where there were 101 of them, or looked at any Fire Station posters, you’ve undoubtedly come across a Dalmatian. Their limelight might suggest that they are even tempered, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Their popularity has declined over the decades due to their high maintenance and fragile temperament.

This hypoallergenic, medium sized terrier hails from Ireland. As a terrier, they are intelligent and spirited. With families, they are affectionate and energetic.

As a breed that can be anything from a police dog to a family pet, these dogs can adapt to their surroundings. Their intelligence and drive need to be placed somewhere to keep them from getting bored.

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The royal dog of Egypt is in the running for oldest dog on record. They are not overly affectionate, but they are sweet with kids and love being by your side. While aloof, they still crave human companionship. They can sprint up to 42 MPH, which isn’t too shabby.

Sometimes going as the English Pointer, this medium sized breed was bred to find game and come to a point, showing their human companions where they birds were.

These even tempered medium to large sized dogs were a versitile hunting dog in Germany. When treated well and with respect (especially with the unpredictability of younger children), these dogs are sweet and affectionate.

This scenthound is a sturdy and strong as an ox. Bred originally to hunt, yep, foxes. The English Foxhound is smaller than its American cousin. Socialize these pups when they are young and they can be good family dogs, in the right families.

While these dogs can be patient with their own families, they have been known to be standoffish to strangers, and aggressive at times. If you took a powder keg of gentle and destructive, and shook it, you’d have the American Foxhound in a bottle. For example, while they are not snuggly animals, they exhibit separation anxiety if distanced from owners.

This hypoallergenic medium sized dog is a superior level gundog. Their desire to please their owners combined with their instinctual prowess in the field make them highly trainable. Their inherent gentleness makes them wonderful on the homefront.

The Staffy or Stafford, for short, these smaller medium sized breeds have been affectionately nicknamed “nanny dog”. Their affection and reliability in the home is eqqually matched by their ability to be courageous and bold.

Whippets have been known to hit 35 MPH at a full sprint. At those speeds, they can make hairpin turns, too. While quiet and gentle, these sighthounds can be lively, friendly, and affectionate.

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Hailing from China, this medium sized breed, best known for their wrinkles and scrunched up face, was once facing extinction in the 20th century. They make for great guard dogs as they are loving and loyal to their family while remaining skeptical of strangers.

This active hound is stubborn and independent while remaining engaging and clownish. They make for great family dogs. Make sure to have enough space for it to run around, as they are very energetic and need to get it out somewhere.

This small terrier is among the oldest of the terrier breeds. This bold and courageous, protective and reverent medium sized dog is affectionately nicknamed the “Daredevil” of the Emerald Island. Pedal to the medal, this pup lives its life.

This small medium French dog is low to the ground, which helps, as it is a premier rabbit hunting dog. Their sense of smell is second to none. That said, they are wildly independent. Combined, their curiosity occasionally has them wandering.

This medium to large breed has a most distinguished nose. They were originally bred for fighting, but with those days behind them, they’ve taken a welcomed role as a family companion. While their temperament is sweet-tempered, its important to take this breed on a case-by-case basis if looking to have them join a family with smaller kids.

These medium-sized, short muzzled dogs are unmistakable. Believed to be a cross of an Asiatic mastiff and a pug, the massive head and brick-like body has certainly pulled the best of both worlds.

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