Smartest Dog Breeds: Fair Working Dogs

These dogs can understand new commands in under 40-80 repetitions and they obey first command at least 30% of the time.

These even tempered, smart dogs doesn’t let size get in the way. They are truely fearless. To the family members they chose to be closest, they are very loyal. To strangers, they can be standoffish.

This British breed of terrier gained recognition as an independent breed in 1964, branching off from its Norwich Terrier variety. They are family friendly dogs who remain active.

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After a more serious history hunting otters, foxes, and badgers, this breed has evolved its more brutish temperament to one of the friendliest of the Terrier Group breeds.

While there are a number of Instagram famous dogs now, Pugs actually have a long history, originating in China. They have distinctive features in the face with their short muzzles and brick-like, thick frame.

The signature look of a French Bulldog is striking. These miniature bulldogs have bat like ears. Their size and unrelenting love for humans make them great companion dogs.

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The Shetland Sheepdog, or more commonly and affectionately called Shelties make for excellent family dogs. While they can be quick to back at strangers, they do it as a protective measure rooted in loyalty and watchfulness.

Weighing in at less than 7 pounds, these foot heigh canines make up for in personality what they lack in stature. As a very popular hypoallergenic breed, they check many boxes for people.

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Italian Greyhounds are the smallest of the sighthounds. They are shy by nature so they may whither in new social situations, but once they fee comfortable, their gentle, loving personality is special.

Standing at about a foot tall, the Chinese Crested has a shocking presence, given its distinctive grooming styles. It might not look it, but it fur is soft and silky.

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This small Scottish terrier gain popularity back in the day for its brilliance in tracking otters. While its appearance doesn’t sing ‘terrier’, on the inside, this pup is all terrier.

This small medium French dog is low to the ground, which helps, as it is a premier rabbit hunting dog. Their sense of smell is second to none. That said, they are wildly independent. Combined, their curiosity occasionally has them wandering.

As the ‘Holy Dog of Tibet’, the Tibetan Terrier has a longstanding duty of watching over the Buddist monasteries high up in the isolated regions of the Himalayas. Their smart and pleasant personalities make them very family oriented.

Most likely developed from the Tibetan Spaniel, the Japanese Chin’ brachycephalic facial features (flat-faced, short headed) give it a noble air. This toy breed has been in Asia dating further than 1,500 years.

Coming from humble beginnings bred to patrol the farm, this pup has a welcomed blend of self-assurance and loving charm. There’s no shortage of personality here.

This medium to large herding dog from England is intelligent and adaptable while at work while still having a fun, playful side at home.

This extremely powerful dog has a cascading thick white coat. They were bred in the Pyrenees Mountains of France to keep wolves away from sheep and other farm animals. They were also used as cart pullers and pack dogs. They protect their families and are wonderful with families. That said, its best that your children are well behaved.

True to their name, these dogs can be a little – stubborn. They can be difficult to train because of it. That said, they have a lively personality and an infectious personality.

Originally a working dog in the Western Alps in Switzerland and Italy, this gentle giant was originally bred back in 980 AD by monks. They crossed the Tibetan Mastiff with a Great Dane. What you get is a calm, low-energy Saint Bernard who is extremely patient with kids. Don’t expect them to go out of their way to play Monopoly though, they will mostly keep to themselves.

This medium to large breed has a most distinguished nose. They were originally bred for fighting, but with those days behind them, they’ve taken a welcomed role as a family companion. While their temperament is sweet-tempered, its important to take this breed on a case-by-case basis if looking to have them join a family with smaller kids.

This tiny sized dog weighing less than 6 pounds loves being a purse like companion. Loyal to the end, this compact dog is playful and striking. After all, many restaurants and movies have features this breed. For good reason.

Dating back 1,000 years in Tibet, these vigilant watchdogs policed the perimeter of the monasteries high in the Himalayas. Packed in a tight frame, there’s no shortage of wit and charm in this pup.

Highly protective of those it loves, they are extremely distrustful of strangers. With a solid, muscular build, this short muzzled dog originated in England in the mid 1880s. It is known as the “Gamekeeper’s Night Dog”.

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