Smartest Dog Breeds: All Breeds 3

In this third installment, we look at dogs 51-75 of the top 133 smartest dog breeds.

The flashy red coat of the Irish Setter hallmarks its signature look. They are high spirited and high energy in both the field and the home. Make sure to have a plan to get their energy out and they’ll appreciate it.

The National Dog of Norway, this Spitz style breed is fearless and courageous. They are premier hunters of large game (moose, bears, wolves, etc). They double as excellent guard dogs.

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Affens were originally bred to exterminate rats and other pets, like many terriers. Although they are pinschers, they have stayed true to terrier energy – busy, bold, and stubborn.

Hailing from Australia, Silky Terriers are a hypoallergenic breed that is content in smaller spaces like an apartment or condo. It gets its name from its long shiny coat.

Coming from Germany, this Miniature Pinscher must not look in the mirror often, as it doesn’t seem to know its own size! Fearless and bold, this fun-loving pup is an extrovert with an infectious, big dog personality.

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This medium sized sporting dog is part of the Setter group (red Irish Setters, Irish Red and White Setters, and Gordon Setters). Mild-mannered overly accomodating, they make for great companions for any age. Their protecive nature makes them adequate watch dogs.

These active and agile hounds were bred to hunt rabbits on rocky terrains. Medium in size, the “Blushing Dog” of Malta has a regal appearance.

Though more aloof than other Spaniels, this large sized breed from the UK makes for a great family dog. They are smart and eager to learn. It’s better to give them positive reinforcement than stern discipline, as they respond better that way. They can be sensitive like that.

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This British breed of terrier gained recognition as an independent breed in 1964, branching off from its Norwich Terrier variety. They are family friendly dogs who remain active.

If you’ve every watched the Disney movie where there were 101 of them, or looked at any Fire Station posters, you’ve undoubtedly come across a Dalmatian. Their limelight might suggest that they are even tempered, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Their popularity has declined over the decades due to their high maintenance and fragile temperament.

This hypoallergenic, medium sized terrier hails from Ireland. As a terrier, they are intelligent and spirited. With families, they are affectionate and energetic.

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No, this isn’t a poodle. Or a lamb. Bedlingtons are unmistakable companions. Their puffy white coat matches their fiery energy and playful demeanor.

Make sure to have a place where this pup can expend its energy. Its sleek and athletic build has all the makings of a terrier breed. These high-spirited, smart pups are wonderful with kids and families.

The Curly-Coated Retriever is a durable hunting dog specializing in upland game and waterfowl. It is the tallest of the retrievers and is easily discernible from other Retrievers by its distinct curly coat, reminiscent of a Poodle.

Despite the word wolf in its name, these powerful hounds make for great family pets. Hailing from Ireland, these are the largest sighthounds in the class. We wouldn’t suggest challenging one of these to a sprinting contest, unless you can somehow run faster than 40 MPH.

This large Hungarian working dog is as good in the field as they are companions. They are independent and intelligent, but also very protective, patient and kind. Once can trace their lineage back through ancient Hungarian texts.

As a breed that can be anything from a police dog to a family pet, these dogs can adapt to their surroundings. Their intelligence and drive need to be placed somewhere to keep them from getting bored.

The royal dog of Egypt is in the running for oldest dog on record. They are not overly affectionate, but they are sweet with kids and love being by your side. While aloof, they still crave human companionship. They can sprint up to 42 MPH, which isn’t too shabby.

This Spitz was bred to be a versatile hunting dog agile enough to pursue squirrels and brave enough to hunt bears. These intelligent pups are playful and relatively vocal.

Sometimes going as the English Pointer, this medium sized breed was bred to find game and come to a point, showing their human companions where they birds were.

This gentle, regal pup is eager to please. He will let you know it with his ferociously waging tail. Among the larger sized in the Toy Group, they make for great dogs for families of all sizes.

These even tempered medium to large sized dogs were a versitile hunting dog in Germany. When treated well and with respect (especially with the unpredictability of younger children), these dogs are sweet and affectionate.

A descendant of the English Talbot hound, this breed developed in the US, is extremely outgoing and friendly. When in the field, they take immense pride in their work. Their long ears and heightened senses make them fantastic in the field. As with any hound, their “baying” – you know, those deep, bluesie-type howl, it signature to the hound group.

Native to the Wisconsin in the 1800s, the American Water Spaniel (AWS) is an optimistic, active outdoor loving dog. They can be territorial and aggressive to other dogs, but they have many traits that make them desirable family pets.

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog, specialized to brave the cold with its double thick coat, hauling sleds. They are largely friendly and outgoing and do well in a family setting.

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