Smartest Dog Breeds: All Breeds 4

In this 4th installment, we look at number 76-100 of the smartest 133 dog breeds.

Pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say, this sweet, cheerful ball of white puff loves to get into mischief. Their compact size makes them great apartment dogs.

This gentle, regal pup is eager to please. He will let you know it with his ferociously waging tail. Among the larger sized in the Toy Group, they make for great dogs for families of all sizes.

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While relatively rare, the Tibetan Spaniel makes for a great family companion dog. Their reserve and guarded nature has them watchful and vigilant. To those they befriend, they are happy and playful.

This scenthound is a sturdy and strong as an ox. Bred originally to hunt, yep, foxes. The English Foxhound is smaller than its American cousin. Socialize these pups when they are young and they can be good family dogs, in the right families.

Bred in England hunt otters, this large scent hound sports a rough coat. As it would need to track and hunt otter, they have notable stamina. These even tempered workers have been known to have a sillier side.

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This small terrier, originally bred in England for fox hunting, As they would need to be to chase after foxes, they are clever and bold in personality. To be a family dog, they need to be socialized young.

While these dogs can be patient with their own families, they have been known to be standoffish to strangers, and aggressive at times. If you took a powder keg of gentle and destructive, and shook it, you’d have the American Foxhound in a bottle. For example, while they are not snuggly animals, they exhibit separation anxiety if distanced from owners.

With max speeds up to 45 MPH, this sighthound can really get moving. Known for speed, it’s why people bred them to race and why bus companies happily link their name to this breed. They are noble and independent, intelligent and affectionate.

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This hypoallergenic medium sized dog is a superior level gundog. Their desire to please their owners combined with their instinctual prowess in the field make them highly trainable. Their inherent gentleness makes them wonderful on the homefront.

Also known as a Westie, these terriers are independent and smart dogs who from time-to-time can exhibit some stubbornness. Small and sturdy, these pups make fore great family pets.

This loving sighthound will befriend most anyone it meets. They have a similar silhouette to the greyhound, but they are more sturdy and thicker.

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A descendant mastiffs, bulldogs, and even a terrier, the Boxer is known for their signature square head and short muzzle. Their medium to large frame is all muscle. They can make for good family dogs, so long as you socialize and train them at a young age.

Sleek and elegant, tall in stature, these extremely large animals (over 100 pounds) were developed from Mastiff-type dogs. They are gentle by nature but can be protective when they need to be. Many times, large estates would use these dogs as their guard dogs.

Over 300 years old, the dachshund originates from Germany. As one could surmise from their body type, these scent hounds were originally bred to track badgers and other tunneling animals. Of late, it seems like they’d rather kick their paws up and snuggle with the family.

The Staffy or Stafford, for short, these smaller medium sized breeds have been affectionately nicknamed “nanny dog”. Their affection and reliability in the home is eqqually matched by their ability to be courageous and bold.

Bred for it brute strength and inexhaustible conditioning and endurance, this large breed is a native Arctic breed descending from the arctic wolf and named after the Inuit tribe called the Mahlemut.

Whippets have been known to hit 35 MPH at a full sprint. At those speeds, they can make hairpin turns, too. While quiet and gentle, these sighthounds can be lively, friendly, and affectionate.

Hailing from China, this medium sized breed, best known for their wrinkles and scrunched up face, was once facing extinction in the 20th century. They make for great guard dogs as they are loving and loyal to their family while remaining skeptical of strangers.

For a household with older or well mannered kids, this small breed can be a good family pet. Their terrier instincts of boldness, intelligence, and swiftness are not lost on this breed. This little pup is always up for an activity and adventure.

Once known as the “African Lion Hound”, this South African sighthound and scenthound is dignified while still being sensitive. Its signature mohawk-like patch of fur that stands up on its back is unmistakable. They make for excellent guard dogs.

This active hound is stubborn and independent while remaining engaging and clownish. They make for great family dogs. Make sure to have enough space for it to run around, as they are very energetic and need to get it out somewhere.

An excellent family dog, these terriers come from Wales. Prevalently used in hunting and sporting, they nonetheless have a softer side when at home. Highly intelligent and fun, their playful nature will have them a centerpiece in the family.

This small terrier is among the oldest of the terrier breeds. This bold and courageous, protective and reverent medium sized dog is affectionately nicknamed the “Daredevil” of the Emerald Island. Pedal to the medal, this pup lives its life.

Its unmistakably distinctive tuxedo style coat has had it coined an “American Gentleman”. This level headed dog makes for a great companion.

Leery of strangers and mostly intollerant to other animals, this breed needs to be trained well to champion the good aspects of their temperaments. They are fiercly loyal to their owners and thrive on human companionship.

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