Soothing Baby Without Pacifier

Soothing Methods

Babies are such fascinating beings that continue to show the most remarkable characteristics. It almost feels like they were sent to teach humans patience, one of which is the soothing process.

It is normal and expected for babies to cry at the slightest irritation or provocation; this could be due to several factors from hunger, heat, sleep or any other necessity. This is the mood most parents find most stressful and can send them into a feat of aggression when their calming techniques don’t seem to produce the needed results.

So, you’re in a room filled with people and BAM! Your baby pops the loudest yell ever; the pacifier is nowhere within reach, and nothing of the ordinary seems to be working. So how does one soothe a baby without a pacifier?


It always helps to keep babies mobile as it reminds them of the feeling in the womb when their moms would move about and keep their feet up. Babies love that feeling and revel in it. Try taking a walk or a nice drive around the block, and you might have your baby napping in no time.

Entertainment or Music

There is something about music and colors that makes babies super excited and distracted. You want to keep them calm and active at the same time, get some colorful books, boxes, toys, or just play one of those sweet lullabies babies get so dazed by. Nothing beats the historical ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star,’ when it comes to the calming therapy for a fussy baby. It works like a charm, and sometimes I wonder how the composer knew this would work!

Check for Colic Discomfort

You’ve tried all the tricks, and nothing seems to be working; something might be wrong in the little one’s tummy. This is the age of colic discomfort and the storage of gas that needs to be released if you want to see your baby happy again. Try a gentle back rub as they lie over the shoulder, it helps them burp out and feel relaxed again. But, if that doesn’t do the trick, then the doctor is the next best person to see.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit to what can be done in soothing babies without the pacifier nearby to save the day. Every baby has its peculiarity and may react differently to different approaches. Keep trying until you find what works, and once you do, don’t rest easy just yet. As babies grow, their appetite changes, so stay open to new and more adventurous kinds of soothing processes.

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