Working With a Licensed Midwife

Giving birth is a journey from conception to the actual delivery of the baby. Women need many healthcare services during this period, and it is best to work with qualified experts. Not all medical practitioners understand pregnancy and childbirth issues. You will need to work with a licensed midwife for your safety and that of your unborn child. Midwives are trained and qualified health care experts that specialize in pregnancy and childbirth services. Some of the key services include:

  • Gynecological services
  • Contraceptive guidance
  • Child delivery care
  • After birth care
  • Family planning
  • Menopausal management
  • Newborn care

The extent of the services rendered will be determined by the certification and training acquired. A licensed midwife comes with the required training and experience to help women during the general childbirth process.

Is A Certified Nurse-Midwife The Same As A Licensed Midwife?

Both certified nurse-midwives and licensed midwives offer the same services and have the same qualifications. The main difference is the fact that a licensed midwife is certified to operate independently. When choosing a midwife to help you with pregnancy and baby delivery-related services, always ensure that they are qualified and licensed. This is a great way to ensure that the process is smooth and your baby is delivered and cared for in the best manner. Midwives contribute significantly to the success of safe deliveries and extensively reduce infant mortality rates.

Why Choose a Licensed Midwife?

Choosing a licensed midwife is a great decision, and there are so many benefits that you will enjoy. Let us look at some of the advantages that you will get from qualified midwives.

·       Preconception Guidance

While most women may be concerned about their health during the pregnancy, pre-pregnancy health is also essential. A professional midwife will help you with the proper care before conception. You will get to know the proper dietary and other healthy habits that you will need to observe. Midwives help future moms be prepared for motherhood way before conception.

·       Pregnancy Support

The first time you get pregnant can be very confusing, and you may have millions of questions. Having a certified midwife by your side is very important as you will get all the necessary services during the entire pregnancy.

·       Labor and Delivery Services

Giving birth is a great experience for most parents. There is so much joy in bringing a new life into this beautiful world. However, the actual delivery and the labor can be scary and painful. A licensed midwife will offer the necessary support and care to ensure that the baby is delivered safely.

·       Prenatal Care and Follow-up

Newborns are fairly challenging to handle if you do not have the experience. A midwife will help you with after-birth care, and this makes the journey easier and manageable.

A licensed midwife is a must-have support system before, during, and after the pregnancy. You will find it easier to go through pregnancy, labor, and child delivery with the right specialist in your corner.


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